Does drinking tea make you smarter?

I told you my wife is lazy.  Every single night, this beesh waits for me to get up from the couch so she can ask me to do something.  “Oh can you grab me a drink?”.  “Oh hey while you’re up can you fill up my water bottle?”.  Like if you ever find me dead on the couch I’ll bet my organs that she’s dead on the other one, cause of death: dehydration.

I think she’s starting to feel bad about it though.  Like for example, I wake up earlier than her and lately she’s been surprising me with little gifts in the morning!  Well, not every morning - she doesn’t want to spoil me - but every so often, when I least expect it, she leaves me something in the kitchen so that when I go to make my morning coffee I see it and think of her.  Look at what she left for me on Valentine's Day:

titteas funny tea gift blog pic 1

Adorable right?!?!?  But wait, it gets better.  Take a look at what she left for me this morning, on just a random Saturday:

titteas funny tea gift blog pic 2

I mean this woman just gets me, she loves me for me, even with all my weird quirks and fetishes that turn me on like tripping over empty opened Amazon boxes in the middle of the kitchen floor at 530am.  Love you babe! xoxo


-Silky Johnson

Staff Writer


  • TIT teas

    Ok but how do you get a first date

  • Alpinkawic

    Go ahead, have sex on the first date

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