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My wife is intergalacticly lazy.  I know what you're thinking... "Oh, thats sexist - you probably think she should just get in the kitchen".  No, I think she should just get out of bed.  She does the same thing every day, lays in bed for way longer than she should then complains all morning about being late and having no time.

I've been doing some research and it turns out there's actually a scientific term for this behavior, its called "her own fault".  She's the type of person that gets mad at blind people for not waving back, like no that's on you.

It's weird though because she's really disciplined about certain things (that don't matter at all) like making the bed.  She makes the bed every morning, never misses a day.  "You have to" she tells me, meanwhile my honey-do list is all shit I've asked her to do.  She's completely unfazed by an overflowing sink, just walks past garbage, there's crumbs everywhere.

She comes downstairs the other day freaking out "OMG, we have ants - what are we gonna do???". Shit, I don't know... you made the bed right?  Yea I guess we just have ants now...


-Silky Johnson

Staff Writer


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