Does tea make your feet smell?

What's up y'all?  In case you missed it, we ran a little giveaway on our Instagram story.  As you can see, this young lady looks completely entranced with her book and we just had to know what she was reading! So we asked you lunatics for some submissions...

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Picture of our Instagram post

And shout out to the winner @nanirnwt who just really came in strong with the winning response:

You can stop clapping now, but yea this was a damn good response.  Enjoy your Itty Bitty TIT teas @nanirnwt, you're the breast!

And now, moving on to the rest of you weirdos...

First runner up, gotta give it to my girl @smarteamom with this response:

This one made me laugh, but the TIT tea Committee is a very serious organization and unfortunately we had to rule this as a disqualification since it didn't technically answer the question.  These are the rules, and they are unflinchingly rigid.

Second runner up goes to @tea__junkie with this response:


Could you imagine if this was a real thing?  Like a self-help audiobook on how to get a boob job, narrated by Pamela Anderson, that all plastic surgeons must read in order to graduate college?  It's kind of like The Titanic too, in that I already know how it ends.

Last but not least, our third place finisher was @teafromtheworld with this response:


I heard they were making this one into a movie, except instead of Pamela Anderson they got Reverend Susie the Floozie...


-Silky Johnson

Staff Writer

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